Farm patents:
A continuous business innovation.

Farmitaly corkscrews are covered by exclusive international patents:

Farmitaly is the company with the longest experience in the production of corkscrew at the moment. Founded in 1932, after 80 years of history, tradition and experience, Farmitaly has adapted to the external needs of the market and also to the internal organization through a generational transition in its management (now third generation). In a competitive market that increasingly requires technique, speed, accuracy, quality and design, Farmitaly has been able to innovate a product apparently simple, developing new corkscrews not only in their forms but also through new technologies, materials and colors. The result of this evolution is shown in the products that today Farmitaly manufactures and markets as well as in the international patents that are present on the market.

New patented X.tend® lever

New patented X.tend® lever:
fits all bottles and creates a vertical path making cork extraction effortless. Also available in black.

How it works

1: Set the lever horizontally and insert the spiral completely into cork.
2: Place the first step on mouth of bottle.
3: Pull the cork halfway out and lower handle.
4: Place second step on mouth of bottle.
5: Complete extraction of the cork.

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Sliding Blade Abacut Extra®

The AbaCut Extra® Blade, with New Serration and Sliding Opening System, in addition to the double step X.tend® Lever, suits all types of corks, and allows a quick cut and an effortless extraction of the cork.

Patented Sliding Blade Abacut Extra®:
self sharpening Abacut Extra® with new serration and two slide levels: first stage - 5mm for a perfect cut, full extension for a traditional cut. AbaCut Extra® Blade: safe blade, with a small pressure it comes back in.

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Quick Click®: a “Made in Italy” world innovation

Quick Click: one click for a double action.

Quick Click: una novità mondiale "Made in Italy"
Thanks to a deep and careful study Farm has created the original automatic system that opens only with a unique dick both lever and spiral. The new solution which makes the movement much faster and this corkscrew absolutely unique.

Automatic system
A cut to remove the capsule. A click to open both the spiral and lever. A push to close the corkscrew. The unique new patented automatic system, just a click to open lever and spiral with rapidity and elegance. The exclusive four-wheel foil cutter to cut and remove the capsule in a while, simply and with a clean cut. The patented tapered and grooved Long Cork®, for a smooth insertion into the cork. The patented X.tend Lever: fits all bottles and creates a vertical path making cork extraction effortless. A simple push to close the corkscrew.

The new innovating system:
Quick Click® is the product of a deep and careful study of the cork extraction procedure, and represents the new original innovating system. Remove the capsule, open the corkscrew and extract the cork, all with one hand, all in a while:

cut the capsule in only 1⁄4 turn and remove it with a clean cut in one action.
open both lever and spiral with a click thanks to the new automatic system.
insert smoothly the spiral and extract the cork effortless thanks to the x.tend lever.

Patented FoilKut®

foil cutter: removes the top of the capsule in only 1/4 turn with a perfect, clean cut.

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Patented Long Cork®

tapered and grooved spiral allows for smooth insertion into the cork. Also available with black Applifon coating.

self-sharpening AbaCut® serrated blade.

self-sharpening AbaCut.
Self sharpening: for endless incisions of the capsule.

Self-Adjusting Lever® Patent

X.tend® Lever allows an effortless extraction of the cork and it is suitable also for long corks all in one action thanks to the junction present on the handle of the corkscrews.